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A haven for the cigar aficionado, Farid’s cigar boutique is at par with international cigar boutiques in Paris and Cape Town.  With a luxe wood interior, the cigar boutique has premium Cuban selections like the Cohiba, Partagas and Romeo and Julieta.

Hip flasks for drinks, tobacco pipes with cleaning kits and pipe stands, bottle openers, huqah’s and different cutters are available. The most basic type of cutter used to make straight cuts is the single blade guillotine. The double blade guillotine is preferred by many aficionados because it usually makes a cleaner cut.

Cigar scissors are also used to make straight cuts, and may be the best choice for cutting the cigar at the exact spot you intend. However, the guillotines are usually the most practical, and can be easily and safely carried in the pocket of your shirt or trousers!


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