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The aroma of freshly baked bread, the frying of crisp patties filled with deliciousness and the large variety of healthy baked products. Famed Bravo bakery and Ne’cos bakery products at Farid’s, provides our customers with tasty, hygienic and affordable baked goods. That reaches up to the expectations and needs of our customers.

We provide a range from which to choose from, cooking that fills the air and welcomes all those who visit with a warm embrace. A place in which hunger, the most basic of human needs, can be replaced with satisfaction in a divine and fulfilling manner. A place in which happiness for the belly and completion of the soul can be found. In the glass case, the cream sparkles on top of those red velvet cupcakes and the shine of that Ferrero Rochers on top of cake.

Fresh buttery croissants, a variety of cakes and samosas and patties- now at Farid’s- while you shop! Fill your baskets with the freshness and deliciousness of our bakery goods.


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