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Farid’s has one of the largest, high quality food selections in Pakistan- from imported chops to home grown fruits and vegetables and local grocery. We do not ignore any segment of Pakistan’s vast consumer population. Offering Gluten free food such as short bread, cranberry cookies to bread and  and Soy milk for the lactose intolerant, organic fruits and vegetables as well as ingredients, diet food  and cheese to low fat variations in cereal, soups, dressing and biscuits, butters  and vegetables from the best fruit seller in town! A variety of low fat oils to healthy vegetable and cholesterol free options and sprays are available too!

A pro biotics range is also present in the food section. Pro biotic milk and yogurt helps to restore nutrition lost as a result of anti-biotics, promotes digestion and reduces bowel cancer occurrence.

Customers can find all products that they need, either for cooking a Creamy Pasta or for a salad!


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